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Friday, 2 September 2016


Nigel in Nepal
My old Mancunian friend Nigel visited me in my little village in southern Nepal this past winter.  He came by rented motorcycle from Kathmandu, and anyone who has travelled that road will tell how daunting it can be.  Before coming, he asked his Facebook friends to sponsor him, with all proceeds going to help the women of Nepal

For those of you who are hearing about this for the first time, I will tell you that there are now about 60 women involved in income generating skills projects because of Nigel and the generosity of his Facebook friends (see photo below).

But this story is about David’s old friend Nigel’s serendipitous meeting with a young woman who needed some help.

Nigel and David Daai
Nigel, after hearing stories about those young female students whose continuing education depends on support from WELNepal sponsors, was very keen on helping one of our “bright lights.” Since WELNepal had no candidates at the time, we counseled patience.

On the very last day of Nigel’s stay in the village, we visited Ritu, another long time Nepali friend of David’s.  For those of you who read our latest blog, you’ll know all about Ritu.

At Ritu’s home there were a lot of children who were not related to Ritu.
Nigel's Group
  Ritu explained that these youngsters were a family of five whose mother abandoned them after her husband died. Ritu’s husband was involved in a little project that built the five children a tiny home with the provision that the oldest daughter see to the needs of her four siblings.

All Angels Nepal, a charitable organization based in Holland, ( was fully financially responsible for the building and overseeing of their house and care of this orphan family. Furthermore, All Angels Nepal is continuing to support these kids on an ongoing basis.

While the little house was being built, all the youngsters spent time at Ritu’s where they received love and care and good food. Now, the little ones spend as much time at Ritu’s as they do in their new little house. Back to “Serendipity.” The oldest daughter, we were told, quickly found herself a husband and left the remaining children under the care of the next eldest, a teenage girl named Bhagawoti.

“Poor Bhagawoti,” said Ritu.  “After next year, she will have to leave her studies because there is no money left to help her continue in post-secondary schooling. It is so sad; Bhagawoti is such a good student.”

Nigel and David jumped.

“Go and get Bhagawoti!” they demanded. 

Bhagawoti was brought back to Ritu’s house with a question mark on her face.  That question mark turned into the biggest smile in the history of the world when Nigel told her that he would pay for her schooling as long as she wished to study.

Nigel and Bhagawoti found each other…serendipity.