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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

So You Want to Teach in Nepal?

Active Greenland Boarding School
Nepal is an incredibly alluring destination for the initiated and uninitiated alike. It has everything an adventurer wants — ferocious mountains, challenging terrain, warm days and brisk, icy nights, welcoming people and memorable scenery. It is also, as we’ve discussed so many times, a troubled developing country rife with poverty. That said, it is also a friendly and safe destination that treats its guests well — and you, should you become a guest, now have an opportunity to give back.

WELNepal’s good friend Sharad Pandey is looking for volunteer teachers for his boarding school. His school, the Active Greenland Boarding School, is located in the Abu Khairani village in the Gorkha district, just outside of the beautiful lakeside city of Pokhara.

A view of the Gorkha district
Volunteer teachers can work anywhere from one to three months and can expect to teach four classes a day. While the position will be unpaid, food and lodging will be provided, free of charge, by the school. No formal teaching experience or education is required. In fact, the only requirement is that you be passionate about teaching students English. English goes a very long way in Nepal, and is often the only language used in post-secondary institutions in the country. By helping the students master an internationally important language, you will be helping them enhance both their knowledge and self-esteem. There’s a lot to be said about boosting someone’s confidence, and that’s part of your job, too.

As for the complimentary food and accommodation, teachers will have a choice of staying in a room at the school or in another teacher’s home nearby. The school will provide all meals. Volunteers will be responsible for paying for their own transportation — including flights, buses and taxis. If you would like to see pictures of your accommodations, you can contact David or Sharad (email addresses below).

Not only will teaching at the school be a rewarding experience in itself, it’ll immerse you in
Greenland teach and students
an entirely different culture and community. You’ll be learning almost as much as you’ll be teaching — perhaps more. You can also take the time to enjoy the beauty and diversity of one of the most scenic and endearingly chaotic places on earth. We also expect you’ll get to enjoy heaping helpings of dal bhat, which is a little something extra to look forward to.

Also, if you set aside a little extra time and money, perhaps you could hike the gorgeous (and challenging) Annapurna range or even Everest Base Camp before or after your classes start. You’ll come back smarter, worldlier and fitter than ever.

If this opportunity interests you, please feel free to contact Sharad Pandey at or David Walton at