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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Peeps in Nepal

While I am in Nepal, the work I do is truly a labor of love.  But the work I do would be a lot more laborious without the help of my co-workers and friends, who get me through the days.

Raj, Shreya and Harimaya
Harimaya, WELNepal’s first coordinator, brought us the talents of her husband Raj.  Later on, Raj and Harimaya had little Shreya. The power couple looks after all of our projects, and does so beautifully.

Rabeeta, Prasamchya and Santos
Rabeeta became our first assistant coordinator.  She was brought on board to help Harimaya.  Shortly thereafter, she brought on husband Santos — the man who helped her make their first daughter, Prasamchya. He has also contributes to Raj and Harimaya’s tough work. 

Bimala and Raj
Medical practitioners (and married couple) Raj and Bimala have the job of keeping me healthy.  They have done a great job so far. I have yet to die in my village of Sauraha.

Raju, who runs the last of the cyber shops in my village, has the unenviable job of keeping all my photos and WELNepal documents in computer order.  And keeping me in order, when the internet Gods desert me.

Poor Raju, his thriving internet cafĂ© is so deserted these days because of Wi-Fi that he is thinking of opening a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream franchise.

Gayatri and family
Lastly is Gayatri Rimal. I wandered into Gayatri’s restaurant 18 years ago.  That was the first and only time she charged me “tourist prices” for my dinner. I’ve been eating with Gayatri and her family ever since. She now works in conjunction with Raj and Bimala to make sure that I eat properly in order to recover quickly from all my stomach problems.

To all my people in Nepal, I couldn’t do what I do without you.

Thank you all.