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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Our A Team

Our A Team consists of Ashley, our copy-writer and blog master, and Anneli, our website designer and maintainer.

Both members of our A Team lead busy lives. Ashley and Anneli have careers that keep them very busy — sometimes too busy. That said, they take time from both their work and their precious evenings and weekends to maintain the website, manage our social media accounts and blog and design and send our mail-outs.

How does everyone at WELNepal make it work?  After we decide the content of a mail-out, I try my best to assemble coherent sentences. I send the first draft off to Ashley, who tears it apart and puts it back together in neat and clean English.  Sometimes Ashley needs to expand a thought. Sometimes she needs to shorten piles of messy words into something easily understandable. You really don’t know how much effort Ashley had to put into this dribble to make it read coherently!

Once Ashley is finished cleaning up my words, she sends the copy and any relevant photos off to Anneli.  Anneli wrestles both copy and photos into one of the few templates available for her use. Sometimes we decide that something isn’t quite right and needs some more tweaking.  That can send poor Anneli back to the drawing board, looking for a different template to accommodate another photo or an extra sentence.

The really wonderful thing about both Ashley and Anneli is their professionalism. Both are confident enough in their work to be able to make those changes when I get finicky without any attitude or hurt feelings.  “If you want me to change something David, that’s no problem! How’s this?”

Ashley and Anneli, I love you!!

--David Daai

Anneli West

Having over 20 years experience in the design and advertising field, Anneli started her career in design studios after graduating from The Ontario College of Art and Design. She worked with clients ranging from Mirvish Productions, Canadian Stage, Royal Conservatory of Music, Wellington Brewery, OysterBoy to more corporate clients, such as Canon, Laurentian Mutual Funds, York University, The Bodyshop and CIBC.

After seven years working full-time, she started her own design studio, Four Corners Communications which she ran for several years, ending with a bit of added education and traveling.

She then gravitated to freelancing in the advertising world with contracts at major agencies throughout the city such as Grip Limited, DraftFCB, Interbrand and Leo Burnett. In 2005, she went back to working full-time at Direct Antidote/AIR MILES (now called Squareknot) and is presently working full-time as a digital/print designer at Venture Communications.

On a personal note, she was born and raised in Toronto (minus a few years spread among Vancouver, Australia, India and Berlin - probably explains her love of traveling now). And she lives with her two cats and two roommates in the Little Portugal area of Toronto.

Ashley Newport

Ashley Newport is a Toronto-area freelance writer. After graduating with a professional writing degree from York University in 2007, she toiled away at a 9-5 before enrolling in the print journalism program at Sheridan College. Since graduating from Sheridan, she’s written about food, restaurants, business, trends, news and entertainment. If you look hard enough, you’ll find her work in Foodservice and Hospitality and Hotelier magazines, The Home Goods Merchandiser, and — an online suburban lifestyle magazine with major urban flair that she also edits.

Ashley has been WELNepal’s resident copywriter and social media maintainer since 2010, and even visited Nepal and the women’s groups in 2013.

If you need more Ashley in your life (or want to get in touch with her for writing or editing help and expertise), you can email her anytime at

If that’s not enough, you can find and follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @theashleyn