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Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Holi!

One of the most interesting of Hinduism’s many holidays is the festival of Holi.

President David doused in the Holi spirit
Holi participants celebrate the death of the evil witch Fagoo by throwing colured powder and water at and on everybody and everything that lives and breathes. It is such a beloved event here in the Chitwan area of Nepal that it lasts for two days.  People and things wind up most colourful indeed, from head to foot and top to bottom. And, if you don't keep your mouth shut, inside and out! Fortunately, this colour washes out easily enough, though it is advisable to wear old clothes during Holi.  Unfortunately, getting the colour out of one's hair takes a little longer.  And folks with white hair (like myself) wind up looking like they belong to the Miami Beach senior's crowd.

Another Happy Holi celebrator 
The other much loved aspect of Holi is the eating of meat. The first morning of Holi, the guys and I (womenfolk eat later) consumed a couple of chickens and most of a goat. That evening, we ate a pig and the rest of the goat.  The next morning we ate ducks and more chickens.  The final evening we had leftovers.

This happens all over Nepal and a fine time is had by all, except for the farm animals.

I can tell you that there was far less clucking and quacking the day after Holi.